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Business Intelligence/Reporting

We put Business Intelligence (BI) & Reporting best practices to use with all our clients, as it is the gateway to performance improvements and profitability. In a nutshell, we help improve your company’s performance by putting the right information into the right hands at the right time.

Automated BI & Reporting allows our clients to effectively manage and leverage vital business information by delivering strategic, operational and tactical intelligence to key decision makers. This allows for fact-based, reliable, quick decisions that are critical to continued success in the dynamic markets you serve.

Impact 21 has experience with many of the top systems and tools to consolidate data and create reports that highlight revenue enhancing and expense reduction opportunities. We assist clients in leveraging information from disparate systems to develop easy to use intelligence and reporting. By providing industry best practices and implementation support, we accelerate the integration and acceptance of BI & Reporting solutions throughout your organization. Our Business Intelligence & Reporting has a strong focus on Performance Management, Best Practice Reports & Analytics and Implementation & Training

We help our clients determine the right performance metrics required to meet their business objectives and align with strategies and roles. This process begins with identifying the data requirements and system functionality required to meet their business needs.

Consolidation and retrieval from various data sources is critical in ensuring the right metrics are measured and that performance results can be put into action. We guide our clients through the entire process from planning and business modeling to data consolidation and best practice reporting and analysis. We support development and monitoring of key performance indicators to ensure successful decision making and accountability. Dashboards and exception reporting are the cornerstone of our solutions and engagements with clients.

We help ensure that your team is fully capable of using the BI toolsets, accessing the reports they need, and as a result, allowing them to make educated strategic and operational business decisions. User adoption is critical so we ensure that the purpose of the tools and the processes to use them are clear and thoroughly prepare your team to make the most of your BI solution.

We have conducted numerous BI & Reporting strategy, implementation and training projects for our clients across a broad range of enterprise BI and niche analysis solutions.