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Category Management/Supply Chain

Category Management is a disciplined, systematic approach for retailers and suppliers to work collaboratively in managing and optimizing product categories. This synergistic effort leads to improved shopper satisfaction through the exchanging of information, the sharing of data, and the development of a mutually agreed upon set of business objectives. Retailers and suppliers join forces to analyze business performance, explore how to best serve the needs of the shopper, develop a plan, and as a result, grow sales and profitability. Impact 21 provides a comprehensive category management program through the combination of data analysis, hands-on learning and real life experiences.

Our category management approach supports all parties involved in the process from category managers, in-store sales staff, and merchandisers to strategic decision makers. We will help you tailor your merchandising efforts to stimulate interest and entice customers through a combination of assortment, pricing, shelf presentation, product supply and promotion.

We help you achieve category management and merchandising results through:

  • Utilization of the NACS Six-Step Framework as a foundation
  • Introductory and Advanced Category Management Courses
  • Analytical and category management support
  • Customized support for retailers and suppliers
  • Identification of consumer driven opportunities
  • Merchandise Management
  • Supply Chain

Introductory, Advanced, and Online Category Management Courses 

Impact 21 has developed two programs, Introductory and Advanced, which foster continuous learning.

The Introductory program covers the NACS six step process in great detail including: 

  • A complete overview of how to implement category management
  • “Hands-on” learning environment
  • Case study material to ensure comprehension
  • Professional facilitation to ensure a pleasant learning environment

The Advanced program is designed to follow the introductory program with a greater emphasis on analytics. The session is professionally facilitated and tailored to meet the specific needs of the client organization. The program includes all material, cases studies and reference material.  

The Category Management Online Training course was developed for convenience retailers and suppliers by Impact 21, together with National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) and Ready Training Online (RTO).  The course teaches analytical skills for growing sales with the right product offer, getting more profit dollars per square foot and maximizing foot-traffic productivity inside the store.

The combination of Impact 21’s industry-specific content and RTO’s state of the art learning platform provide an exceptional learning experience for all participants.

The online training follows the Six-Step Category Management Framework, which guides participants through:

  1. Selecting categories and supplier partners and refining category definitions
  2. Analyzing category performance
  3. Determining optimal category roles for your organization
  4. Developing strategies and tactics
  5. Communicating and implementing category plans
  6. Reviewing and evaluating the results

Competition is tough, and you really have to be in control of what you are doing. The only way to do that is to have a tight grip on your category management process,” said Jeff Miller, 2010-11 NACS chairman and president and CEO of Norfolk, Virginia-based Miller Oil Co.

The online training format is designed to fit the demanding schedules of marketing and merchandising professionals, operations professionals, retail category managers, supplier sales and category managers, business analysts and small operators who manage all aspects of their retail business.

Graduates of the Category Management Online Training course are eligible to become Certified Convenience Category Managers (CCCM), a designation of achievement awarded by NACS to individuals who commit to continuous professional development in the convenience industry as a category manager.

For course details and registration information, visit www.nacsonline.com/training/categorymanagement