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Project Management/PMO

Project Management is a primary activity and role in delivering results - on time and on budget. Impact 21’s Project Management involves a team approach, providing clients multiple touch points. We help you develop and manage critical milestones, key activities, project resources, timeline, and budget throughout the project life cycle.

Our Project Managers help reduce risk inherent in projects and tie results to business goals by employing solid project management and collaboration techniques. We understand business demands and project life cycles; and, our process includes on-going formal reviews of project status and changes that impact timeline, resources or budgets.

Our project management process is highly collaborative and involves multiple touch points both within our clients and with Impact 21. In addition, our project management process includes formal sponsorship, project management and business alignment teams that meet to review status, manage competing priorities and ensure progress is on track.

Projects managed by Impact 21 vary in size and scope; however, we provide all clients with the following resources during all projects:

  • Project Sponsor- responsible for the overall success of the project and ensuring that resources, timelines, and budgets are met
  • Project Manager- responsible for the day-to-day management of the project, defining and communicating project deliverables and accountabilities, establishing detailed tasks, schedules and resource allocations, and managing competing priorities
  • Subject Matter Experts and/or Project Resources- assigned to conduct specific activities to support the project. Impact 21 Project Resources work with client resources and project/business alignment teams to integrate the project into existing business operations and to ensure sustainability is achieve

Our Project Management Office (PMO) helps businesses ensure that projects are comprehensively managed from initial design through final deployment. We ensure that project governance, workflows, standards, activities and accountabilities are sustained through formal training, support and the use of project management & collaboration solutions. Change management, communications and content management are prominently incorporated in our model to leverage best practices for all project components.

The key benefits of our PMO model is that your company will have a consistent set of project management processes and systems and be able to transparently view project lifecycles, status, budgets and resources at all times. While leveraging best practices from Impact 21, client PMO’s can be customized to fit specific requirements.

Once deployed, our PMO model in an organization can perform one or more of the following functions


  • Prioritize projects based on business needs
  • Align projects to a company’s project portfolio
  • Allocate resources to a project based on project timing and needs
  • Assist stakeholders with business case development


  • Facilitate ongoing project planning sessions
  • Coordinate communications across business units
  • Conduct regular quality assurance reviews
  • Lead post-implementation reviews


  • Provide periodic reports to stakeholders and executives on the health of the project portfolio and the status of mission-critical projects
  • Ensure proper tracking of project data and milestones
  • Make recommendations on which projects need more investment or resources versus which ones need to be paused, delayed, or discontinued

Standards, Methods, and Training

  • Develop and maintain methodologies and processes
  • Offer support for projects, acting as consultants on demand
  • Provide coaching and mentoring to project managers
  • Recommend, deploy and maintain a Project Portfolio Management solution


  • Foster cooperation and organizational alignment between executives and project teams
  • Provide fact-based and business-relevant recommendations to the business

Two distinct characteristics of Impact 21’s project management approach set us apart, namely the Align21 Business Model and iRIS, our Project Management & Collaboration Portal. To learn more about these, visit “How we Work”.