Our Services

Benchmarking/Best Practices

We provide the opportunity to benchmark best practices with top tier and industry leaders to compare different strategies, programs, IT systems and structures, organizations and resources deployed against various strategies and initiatives. This information can be used to evaluate your company and identify the impact of changing your strategy in the future. This effort will bring to light any best-practice or prevailing solutions being utilized by the industry to support specific areas of the business.

How We Guide Benchmarking and Best Practices

Examples of benchmarking and best practices that have been conducted by Impact 21 include:

  • Organization Structures/Roles and Accountabilities
  • Operations Execution
  • Marketing/Merchandising Programs
  • Payments & Loyalty
  • Business Intelligence
  • IT Infrastructure and Systems
  • Technology and Solutions Penetration
  • Technology Spending
  • HR Processes & Solutions
  • Enterprise, Back-office and POS Solutions
  • Customer Engagement Processes and Solutions
  • Foodservice Strategy, Concepts & Execution Supply Chain - Warehouse & Distribution
  • Supply Chain - Warehouse & Distribution

After years of working with the top tier companies in the industries we serve, benchmarking exhaustively across a myriad of topics and developing Impact 21’s best-practice business processes, we have accumulated one of the most comprehensive benchmarking and best practice methodologies. More importantly, we have learned how to implement them within organizations in a way that provides immediate value and sustainability.

Our benchmarking & best practices engagements include the following:

  • Design and create the questionnaire to get the most accurate information possible and ensure the objectives of the benchmarking effort are met
  • Provide and host the survey vehicle that is best suited to the effort
  • Connect with select companies to participate in the benchmarking effort and distribute materials and questionnaires
  • Develop and schedule follow-up interviews, if required, to provide clarification and additional insights on specific areas of interest
  • Consolidate and analyze the results of the benchmarking information and data submitted
  • Conduct research to provide relevant industry trends on benchmarking topics and/or provide Impact 21 proprietary research to supplement benchmarking efforts
  • Develop and distribute findings, including quantitative and qualitative feedback
  • Identify how clients should integrate benchmark information into their strategic planning initiative