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Impact 21 brings forward a strong acquisition transition regardless of the industry you serve. Our steps are simple but methodical as we help center your team to drive alignment of best practices and capture required financial synergies.

Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence

Our discovery and due diligence processes for organizational, technology and process alignment allows your executive team to continue to drive acquisition and business strategies while we bring key roles and the organizations together. As we complete due diligence, we plan options for integration strategies that will mitigate issues down the line by identifying potential organizational alignment and financial synergies.

Integration Strategies & Synergies

Transition strategy and methodology are the key to successful acquisition integrations. Though preparing due diligence for a potential acquisition is an enormous undertaking of its own, what you do after you make or break its success (seal the deal). Most key challenges take place after the transaction is closed and your organization turns to operate under its new entity. Organizations that recognize the significance of post-merger actions and spend sufficient time creating an integration plan before the transaction is actually closed experience a higher integration success rate. Our team facilitates the strategic direction for the new organization. Whether you fully integrate businesses or you choose to leverage shared services to capture synergies, we help plan the path to achieve the planned acquisition objectives and financial synergies.

Integration PMO and Support Resources

Setting up a Project Management Office (PMO) is a critical step, which requires proven processes, tools and skill-sets.  The PMO ensures accountability and collaboration between all internal and external resources and fills gaps for short and long-term resource needs.  Providing a seamless integration for clients, Impact 21 brings knowledgeable PMO experts, methodologies and tools to fill these roles and provide a smooth transition to internal teams.  The goal is to have as little disruption as possible to daily operations, while accelerating best practice integration and financial synergies at every phase. 

Workstream Planning & Best Practice Execution

Core to our Impact 21 integration methodology is pulling together teams of key resources from your business workstreams. We ensure all the right players are aligned to review best practices and plan effective communication and execution of changes. These workstream leads will play a critical role to ensure that best practices and synergies are captured across all levels of the organization. Impact 21 will facilitate the development of workstream plans to drive many aggressive cross-functional timelines for systems and process integration.