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Archived Posts: December 2014

Inventory Management - The Mark of the Successful Retailer

The ability to effectively manage inventory at item level has evolved from a “best practice” into a "life or death" situation in these times when every transaction is of the utmost importance. Excellence in inventory management becomes the mark of the successful retailer and inventory mismanagement in any capacity may severely hurt a retailer’s performance.

We are all aware that an inventory surplus leads to underutilized working capital and loss of profit, and that inventory stock outs create customer dissatisfaction and the loss of revenue and margin. How does over/under-stocked inventory affect merchandising/product placement?

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PGRI Lottery Expo 2014 - Voice of the Retailer, a Call to Action

Impact 21 Casey McKenzie presents at this years PGRI Lottery Expo. Casey addresses the need to treat lottery as a category and how to help Lottery succeed through three Cs: Category Management, Collaborative Effort, and Consistent Reporting. Watch Casey's full presentation. View the Powerpoint Slides for detailed information.

PGRI TALKS - "Ideas for Good Causes Worth Spreading: 'Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world" Our objective is to become an invaluable resource that truly connects the entire world to the leaders of this industry, their thoughts and perspectives on the issues, and the news and background information that gives additional context and meaning to those thoughts and perspectives.  Watch the latest live on-camera interviews from the LOTTERY EXPO 2014. *To watch the video,click on the link and make sure your volume is turned on.  *Copyright 2014 - these videos may not be downloaded or uploaded to YOUTUBE or used in any way without the express permission of PGRI, Inc.
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