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Archived Posts: March 2014

NACS Launches Category Management Online Training developed by NACS, Impact 21 Group and Ready Training Online

ALEXANDRIA, VA, March 31, 2014 — As more retail channels continue to aggressively target the convenience shopper, it’s more critical than ever for convenience operators to have the right product mix to meet consumer needs.

The new Category Management Online Training course, developed by NACS, Impact 21 Group and Ready Training Online (RTO), is now available to convenience retailers and suppliers. The course teaches analytical skills for growing sales with the right product offer, getting more profit dollars per square foot and maximizing foot-traffic productivity inside the store.


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The “$34 Billion Dollar Bet”

When Warren  Buffet made a bet, agreeing to buy Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp for $34 Billion, he was placing a bet on the future of the economy and the railroads impact on that future. I would have made the same bet, if I had it, but, more certainly would have made even a larger bet that he was concerned about his company’s decision. Given that Buffet made past bets (investments) on railroads, this could be one of great timing. As analysts speculated, Buffet is “planting both feet” in an industry destined to grow with the bounce back of the economy” - if your business was in a position to make a similar “bet”, would you?

Are you looking at your business like Buffet? Analysts are saying he is “looking for investment that will reap rewards for many years into the future and not so worried about immediate gains”? At Impact 21 Group,we believe that both low hanging fruit and long term gains are important in the C-store industry. In an industry where the 2008 Top 100 C-Store companies have fewer than 70 stores, every dollar spent in your business, and our industry, is making the “Billion Dollar Bet”.
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Winning at Store Management

Your people represent you and your company to the customers that come through the door. Just how well are they doing at that? You want to have confidence that your employees are always doing an incredible job...not just when you are in the store.

Hiring the right people is crucial to your success.
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What Is Convenience Anyway?

For well over a decade it seems, we have been reading and hearing that the supermarkets, drug stores and even mass merchandisers are stealing the convenience store channel’s customers. At last check, there are more c-stores today than a decade ago. So how do we explain this seeming dichotomy?

We all know the steps other retail channels have taken over the past years to become more convenient: adding fueling stations, moving “grab and go” items to the front, stocking “on the go” package sizes, and installing self-checkout scanning stations. And yet, the c-store channel has added outlets and sales have not fallen off the table. Why is that?
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