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Archived Posts: May 2014

Computer Assisted Ordering Basics

When it comes to back-room and sales floor inventory, too much is simply too much.
Inventory glut can be a big problem for convenience retailers. Too much inventory means too many damaged products, high levels of shrink, and high amounts of labor devoted to maintaining all that stuff. There's a cost of holding that inventory, and the retailer could use that money for something else.

There is a need for a better system for counting, and more importantly, ordering products.
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You Cannot Have Business Alignment Without Change Management

Okay, I am a math junkie. And I love spreadsheets. And formulas. And headers that perfectly define a column. And color coded cells to call attention to a great outcome. So why do I bring this up when my topic for the day is Business Alignment & Change Management? Because I want you to understand that your company will not need most of the spreadsheets you are passing around if your technologies are fully automated and reporting out on business data as designed. It is a novel concept, but it continues to be easier said than done, so I will get to my point...

One of the greatest issues with managing our business today is that we have added so many technologies that we don’t know where one stops and the other begins. An even greater issue occurs when we will pay $25,000 for the technology and can’t bring ourselves to pay the additional $50,000 in technical consulting and training required to fully understand how to leverage the technologies to actually automate processes and reporting.
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