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Archived Posts: July 2014

NACS Show October 7-10, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV

Don't miss the next NACS Show in Vegas! Technology Edge at the NACS Show provides a high-value experience of learning, connecting and access to new solutions for retailer technology professionals in the convenience and fuel retailing industry. Impact 21 Group's Patti Stafford is captured at a recent NACS Show (far left).

Looks like the paprazzi were following Patti that day!

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Prepare For Change!

It sounds so simple. Implement. We are prone to consider most of the technical issues. We seldom change policies or procedures, even when the new process is in conflict. And if we did, I doubt very seriously we would tell many people about the changes. Why are we like that? I think I figured it out this year. Humans have tunnel vision. We see the urgency in immediate issues, forego longer term strategies and know that all the people we interrupt will somehow find a work around. It is our human nature to work it out and that train of thought might very well be getting in the way.

Did you ever stop to think about the real impact on the organization when we move forward with and new business program, technology or area of automation? Here it is in a nutshell. If you do not prepare your team for the anticipated outcome, “People will continue to conduct business the way they have always conducted business.”
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