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No need to reinvent the wheellearn from those who have been there, done that. Here, we offer lessons learned, best practices, valuable insights through blog posts, case studies, webinars, white papers, and other proprietary resources.

Impact 21 quoted in NACS Magazine- TEST MARKET by John Morell

Impact 21's Rob Gallo is quoted in NACS Magazine article: Test Market. This article explores the art of c-store merchandising and advantages of tech opportunities to attract customer attention and to gain additional sources of revenue. The following excerpt addresses video potential:  "Video displays to grab attention are now almost standard equipment at any pump, but inside the store the jury is still out; the customer isn’t lingering as they are when they’re bu ...
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Webinar: Analytics for Convenience Stores- Tuesday September 8, 2015

Are your convenience stores fueled for growth? Do they effectively use analytics to drive sales and improve the customer experience...making it more convenient?

In this installment of the RetailNext webinar series, we welcome industry veterans at Impact21to help you explore and learn how convenience stores can use Analytics to measure "Pump-to-Store" engagement that allows you to answer:

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Keep the Ball Rolling


Let’s say you are working on a project where the project manager is missing in action. You are CRANKING on your work but are not sure how to move forward in a particular area, which has brought you to a halt. What would you do?

  1. Bag it and call it a day!
  2. Reach out to the project sponsor to set a fire under the project manager.
  3. Take the initiative and make contact with the project manager and request a meeting to keep the project on task.
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Impact 21's Casey McKenzie speaks at NYACS Trade Show

Achieving Top Tier Results: Why the Best are Better
Casey McKenzie, Senior Principal Consultant, Impact 21 Group

If we aspire to be the best, we must know what "best" looks like and measure ourselves against the best. In this informative and challenging session, C-store owners, operators, and senior management will learn how to develop a top-tier culture by focusing on operational excellence in the key areas of People, Processes and Technology. Casey McKenzie, a frequent speaker at NACS conferences and other industry events, will deliver key success metrics and real-world takeaways that retailers can begin using right away.

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GAP Analysis - What do you see?

At first, a spark plug...a common car part looks rather simple on the surface. Let’s face it, how many of us actually know where to find it under the hood of our cars, let alone the complex function that it provides? When we begin to look at our current systems and processes are we much the same?

A properly gapped plug will be wide enough to burn hot, but not so wide that it skips or misses at high speeds, nor cause the cylinders to drag, or the engine to begin to rattle. As you look at your business is it well tuned? Have you taken the time to find out if the gap is too wide or too narrow?
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